The Fast Way To Grow Your Hair Out

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The relationship between women and their hair is a very special one. Women love to have hair that is versatile, beautiful, long, strong, shiny, attractive, lustrous, stylish, and the list goes on and on. When we have short hair, we want long hair, when we have curly hair, we want straight hair, when we have brown hair we want black hair. The truth of the matter is what women really want is freedom to choose what we want when we want it! Fashioned Hair Beauty (FHB) offers exactly that!

The Desire for Long Hair

Not everyone is blessed with great long hair that is easy to maintain. A few people who haven’t been blessed with incredible hair truly desire those who are able to wear their hair long and keep it that way paying little attention to the difficulties of maintaining long hair. It is something that we see even with celebrities, where one day they have short hair and the next day, their hair has tripled in length. How is this possible? With FHB hair extensions your hair can grow fast in minutes.

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

When it comes to selecting hair extensions, it’s best to go with the human hair rather than the synthetic hair. This is because human hair extensions have a much more natural look as compared to the plasticky look of synthetic hair. In addition human hair can last much longer and it’s actually harvested from someone’s head and has characteristics of real hair and needs to be treated and maintained the same way one would with their real hair. Synthetic hair on the other hand cannot withstand heat from hair dryers, curlers and irons and this is a major disadvantage as styling the hair becomes impossible.  In terms of price, the human hair is a lot more expensive than synthetic hair for obvious reasons.

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FHB Hair Extensions are Oh-So Convenient

Gone are the days where you have to wait for months to grow your hair long! FHB hair extensions offer various hair lengths from 12 inches up to 34 inches in different types and textures from Peruvian, Brazilian, Indian, Mongolian, Ombre and Full Lace Wigs. Nowadays most hairdressers are fairly versed with planting of hair extensions within a few hours. This makes it so quick, easy and convenient to change hairstyles without a hassle.

Applying FHB Hair Extensions to your Natural Hair

FHB hair extensions are applied with relative ease to your hair depending on the length and texture of your natural hair. The natural hair is plaited into cornrows first; thereafter the hair extensions are sewed onto the cornrows leaving a very seamless look. The hair extensions are safely secured and will not come out until they are removed. Check out our video on how to get your fresh look with FHB here:

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